How To Set A Timer On iPhone? Why Do We Use A Timer?

A few days ago, I was having fun with my friends. We played a game where each person had to speak for their favorite person for a minute. We were recording those videos. But, it took a lot of work to set a frame and capture the video because it starts right after clicking the button. Why are we not using a timer for this purpose? Then, I showed my friend the timer on my phone. They were not surprised at this. Rather, they said we were not using that feature not because it is more reliable and accurate. Instead, a few need to learn how to set a timer on an iPhone camera.

So, the point is that the iPhone has this best timer feature. Today, I will share how you can use the timer on your iPhone. Also, how you can shoot various moments with the help of time.

How To Set A Timer For The Camera On Your iPhone?

I will tell you the simple steps that will make you learn about the timer setting. Follow these:

  • First, open the camera application on your iPhone.
  • You will see a down arrow in the top center of the screen. Tap that down arrow.
  • A slider will appear at the bottom left of your screen. Here you will see a clock icon.
  • You will get two countdown options by clicking the clock icon. Either it is for three seconds or ten seconds.
  • Now set the position of the camera.
  • Then, tap the shutter button to capture an image. The self-timer will start right after clicking the shutter button.
  • If you want to stop the timer, tap the stop button.
  • And the photo has been clicked. Open the images app and check your latest click.

How To Choose Brust Photos With A Timer On Your iPhone Camera?

To click a series of photos, the above process is the same. But if you want to select a few pictures out of ten, follow these steps:

  • Tap the captured image with the timer.
  • Now you can see the Select option at the bottom suitable. Tap it, and you will see ten pictures you captured with the brust timer.
  • Check all the images by scrolling and selecting your best shots.
  • Delete the rest of the images. But if you want to keep them, you can save them by tapping Keep Everything.
  • If you want to keep only your best-captured images, tap Keep Only Favorite.
  • Now tap Done in the upper right corner.

You can use an iPhone camera timer. That is the same for all IOS devices. So, it was the whole process.

Why Do You Need To Have A Timer On Your iPhone?

For instance, you are living alone and ready to go to a party. Unfortunately, your friends are a bit late to pick you up. What would you do now? Have some beautiful clicks until your friends arrive. But you must set the frame or need someone to press the click button when you are all alert. So, the timer camera works here. It will click your picture automatically. All you need to do is set a timer for intervals you want and alert for a pose.

The same goes for group photos. You are tired of taking selfies. Now you want someone you can click your random pictures. Don't worry, and place a timer. You and your friends can pose for a photo, and your device will capture your images after a few seconds. That is how the timer frees your hand and allows you to catch yourself in beautiful poses.

Similarly, a burst time mode is also available. It clicks your images in a series with just one tap. You can set a timer and change the poses. It will capture ten images. So you can select some best selfies and post them. That is an extra benefit you can avail of from the timer.

How To Best Utilize The iPhone Camera Timer?

A camera timer is best for capturing hands-free images. You can pose better before the image is clicked. But, here, a question arises. Where to set a mobile camera to capture a photo? For this purpose, a tripod stand is the best option. It keeps the camera stable and firm. Moreover, your images are clear with the help of a tripod stand. Furthermore, you can get a broad-angle picture through it.

You can shoot night views, landscapes, water waves on the beach, and multiple views with the timer of the iPhone and tripod stand. Equally important, try to capture an image with the rear camera as it gives more satisfactory results.


Knowing how to set a timer on your iPhone camera helps a lot in doing hands-free photography. It gives them more time to set the camera and position. Moreover, you can involve everyone in the group photo without any photographer. Also, you can click several images with one tap and select your favorite one.